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    Magical Water Drawing Pen™ | Stimuliert Kreativität und Fantasie!

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    Magical Water Drawing Pen™ | Stimuliert Kreativität und Fantasie!

    This will be your child's new favorite toy!

    These magic pens will bring your drawings to life! Anything you draw can float on water. Let your kids expand their creativity by experimenting with these magic pens. Discover the fun of the magic pen with the whole family!

    Stimulate creativity and imagination!

    Kids love this magic pen, it brings their imaginations to life! This new way of drawing lets your kids experiment with their drawings and challenges them in new ways. This stimulates creativity and imagination! 

    Magical Water Drawing Pen™ | Stimulates creativity and imagination!

    ✔ Magical Design: This cool art pen has a water-based design, which makes it highly insoluble in any type of liquid. This allows the writing, drawing, and other outlines you create to magically float and dance on the water.

    ✔ Wide range of uses: Great for creating sweet fantasies. Create fun patterns on the included spoon. Pour some water on your drawing and watch it come to life in no time! Ideal for children, students, professors, artists and many more possibilities.

    ✔ Great entertainment:The magic pen not only makes clear sketches, but also helps them to think creatively and conceive ideas. And what else? It is suitable for all ages. You can try it with your kids, family or friends and create beautiful works of art together.

    ✔ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from a special water-based material to make it float on liquids. It is completely non-toxic and has a low-odor formula to ensure user safety.

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